Twisted Metal Review (Playstation 3)

By Matthew Le Blanc Valentine’s Day is usually reserved for make out sessions, gorging on chocolates and sappy romance movies, but not this year. Feb. 14 marked the return of one of Sony’s most famous and beloved exclusive franchises, Twisted Metal. Even though it didn’t ruin my day I’m sure relationships around the world were … Continue reading

Big Screen Troubles: Where Entertainment Becomes Work

By Matthew Le Blanc A night out. A date. Boredom. Everyone inevitably finds themselves at the movies in hopes of being entertained for a few hours. Long gone are the days where you could simply walk into a theatre and within minutes purchase a ticket to a poorly written film. A trip to the movies … Continue reading

Getting a leg up on cancer

By Matthew Le Blanc Looking at her now, you wouldn’t think one person could have gone through so much in one lifetime. Not only did she find the strength to make it through her battle with cancer, she also wears the scars that riddle her body proudly, which serve as constant reminders of her past. … Continue reading

Jetta Turkstra and the marvelous things she does

We interviewed Jetta Turkstra, who collects used soccer gear for kid’s sports teams. She sends most of them to Senegal, her home country, where they’re put to good use. Unfortunately, she has been receiving too many items and can’t afford to ship them all, so her new plan is to donate them to sports teams … Continue reading

James Street Supercrawl 2010

Here’s a video Jordan Small and I put together covering the James Street Supercrawl. One of our teachers submitted it to The Spectator and it was picked and posted on their website last October weekend. Pretty awesome. Camera operator: Jordan Small, Matthew Le Blanc Video/Audio Editing: Matthew Le Blanc