Reporter – Anchor Demo & Videography Reels

I’ve finally put together two demo reels to find myself a job! Hurray for me, right? Check them out below. Advertisements

Mohawk’s plan to expand comes with health benefits and more building costs

By Matthew Le Blanc Future Mohawk students may have even more debt before graduating as plans for a brand new athletics facility gets underway. The estimated cost of the new facility is $17 million and will be partly subsidized by an undetermined fee once the facility is completed in 2014. “[The MSA] has been talking … Continue reading

Big Screen Troubles: Where Entertainment Becomes Work

By Matthew Le Blanc A night out. A date. Boredom. Everyone inevitably finds themselves at the movies in hopes of being entertained for a few hours. Long gone are the days where you could simply walk into a theatre and within minutes purchase a ticket to a poorly written film. A trip to the movies … Continue reading

Upper James sees a rise in crime; student housing partly to blame

By Matthew Le Blanc A deadly “cocktail” is being mixed around Mohawk as police find themselves called in to the area more frequently. According to the 2009 Hamilton Police statistics report, a wide area around Upper James and West 5th has slowly become one of the many violence-prone areas (VPA) in Hamilton. In 2006, the … Continue reading

Recycle a body, rebuild a life

By Matthew Le Blanc Plastic, cardboard and glass are all recyclable, but did you know body parts are too? Initially it may sound disturbing, but donating your organs and tissue is something all too real. Every day, roughly 1700 people wait for the arrival of the one thing that would make them whole again. It … Continue reading