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Purr-fection Cat Food Commercial

Here’s a 30 second commercial Jordan Small, Dave Watson and I had to put together for class. It’s a parody of Peoples Jewellers and Calvin Klein style of commercials.

Big Screen Troubles: Where Entertainment Becomes Work

By Matthew Le Blanc A night out. A date. Boredom. Everyone inevitably finds themselves at the movies in hopes of being entertained for a few hours. Long gone are the days where you could simply walk into a theatre and within minutes purchase a ticket to a poorly written film. A trip to the movies … Continue reading

Rules of the Sand: A Lesson in Beach Etiquette

By Matthew Le Blanc It’s beach season and I’ve got some helpful tips to keep your day in the sand free of frustration. I’ve compiled a few unspoken guidelines and suggestions in beach etiquette that every mature sun chaser should know to avoid having sand kicked in their face. Feel free to follow along with … Continue reading

Journalism Blooper Reel 2011

Well, that’s the end of another year at Mohawk. Lots of great memories and lots of laughs with some amazing people that I hope will be returning for our final year. To sum up some of the best parts, I’ve put together a blooper reel with my favourite moments while out filming reports. Enjoy! Disclaimer: … Continue reading