Twisted Metal Review (Playstation 3)

By Matthew Le Blanc Valentine’s Day is usually reserved for make out sessions, gorging on chocolates and sappy romance movies, but not this year. Feb. 14 marked the return of one of Sony’s most famous and beloved exclusive franchises, Twisted Metal. Even though it didn’t ruin my day I’m sure relationships around the world were … Continue reading

Has model railroading punched its last ticket?

By Matthew Le Blanc Out of all the hobbies a kid could have one in particular took the world by steam. Boys, and perhaps a few girls, across America have been fascinated by model trains and their life-sized counterparts for over 90 years. With a new train engine the size of your finger commanding, on … Continue reading

Purr-fection Cat Food Commercial

Here’s a 30 second commercial Jordan Small, Dave Watson and I had to put together for class. It’s a parody of Peoples Jewellers and Calvin Klein style of commercials.

Big Screen Troubles: Where Entertainment Becomes Work

By Matthew Le Blanc A night out. A date. Boredom. Everyone inevitably finds themselves at the movies in hopes of being entertained for a few hours. Long gone are the days where you could simply walk into a theatre and within minutes purchase a ticket to a poorly written film. A trip to the movies … Continue reading

Paris Hilton: The Selling of Celebrity

Here’s a paper I had to write on Paris Hilton, the selling of celebrity and it’s concepts back in September of this year. You can check out the video Paris Hilton Inc, which details the basis of the paper here: Paris Hilton Inc: The Selling of Celebrity ————————————- Historically, entertainment shows society’s inner need to … Continue reading