Mohawk students to get their own "Mojiji"

By Matthew Le Blanc

Students will soon have a virtual “one-stop-shop” as the MSA shares its plans to expand their online platform. With the site’s Facebook-esque social platform launched, the student’s association looks to bring a host of features from some of the Internet’s most popular sites to their own.

For starters, something as difficult and time consuming as selling used books will become significantly easier this February when they launch their very own marketplace.

“[The marketplace] will be a buy and sell area for students to connect,” says MSA’s Marketing and Communications Manager Steve Kosh. “Unlike Kijiji, where the hardest part is getting together, you guys have a huge thing in common, you all go to Mohawk. We’re just providing a safe outlet for it to happen on campus.”

Next September, the used book sale is going digital and will be conducted completely online through listings created and managed by students. The interface is said to borrow from sites like eBay and Kijiji. Wish lists, which will notify a student when a book they’re looking for becomes available, will be one of the key features that will make it easier for students to find course material at a cheaper and more reasonable price.

Other features the MSA is looking at implementing include an online chat interface and the ability to upload multiple pictures to your profile. Students will also have the opportunity to link their Hotmail, Yahoo, G-Mail and Mocomotion e-mails to their profile for easier access.

“We’re not trying to be Kijiji, we’re not trying to be Facebook,” Kosh says when asked about the sites they are competing against. “We know we’re not going to replace those sites but we’re taking elements that we know our students use and try to put them all in one place.”

Even though it may sound “greedy”, Kosh admits that the features are added to give students a reason to frequent their site.

“The marketplace gives us the ability to add another service to the students free of charge,” says Kosh. “But it’s kind of a greedy thing too, where we want a reason for students to log on to our site. If you’re posting a car for sale, chances are while you’re on there you may check out our events or go on to the discussion forum. With that being said, we’re looking to add productive features and not just filling it with games.”

Accessing the MSA website and its features are free as long as a student holds a valid Mohawk e-mail address.

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